Jully Collab’s with Intimates Apparel Brand KNIX!

They’re Knix and they’re on a mission.

Jully recently collaborated with intimates apparel brand #Knix on a series of stunning billboard and bus wrap campaigns featured in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver!

Knix believes it’s time that all women lived totally, unapologetically free. Free from judgement. Free from self-doubt. And free to be yourself. That’s why every intimates product that they design (and redesign and redesign) is made with one goal in mind: to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Not only is Knix reinventing intimates, they are reimagining conversations.

“My surgical scars, tattoo art, beauty marks and healing heart are part of God’s portrait of me. Since confidence is currency, I need nothing else to take me to my destiny. The skin I am fits me perfectly.” –Jully

IG photo courtesy of Sarah Nicole Landry @thebirdspapaya

Like Jully, Knix is redefining what it takes to be strong, beautiful and badass. What does it take? All it takes is you being you, exactly as you are, in your own skin. Keep an eye out for the billboards show ’em some love on your socials! Be sure to tag @missjullyblack on IG, @jullyblack on FB and @knixwear on IG