BGC Canada launches first campaign after national rebranding

Toronto, ON, October 4, 2021 – Working with Toronto-based ROUND agency, BGC Canada (formerly Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada) today released a new campaign that showcases the confidence BGC Clubs instill in 200,000 kids and teens every year. Available in English and French, No. More. Barriers. is our first national campaign after recently rebranding to BGC—a renewed identity that embraces the inclusive practices we are known for across the country.

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada became BGC Canada in May 2021 because Clubs across the country open their doors to all kids and teens
  • Removing gender from our name modernizes the BGC brand and echoes the inclusive practices we’re known for, without straying too far from our history and brand awareness
  • Embraces the fact that we serve young people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities
  • To reference the old name, please write: BGC Canada (formerly Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada)
  • In referring to ourselves with the new name, BGC Canada can stand for the national team or the entire federated movement e.g. BGC Canada and their Clubs across the country
  • We use BGC Clubs or just Clubs (always capitalized C) when referring to the local (and independently operated) Clubs e.g. BGC Clubs in Alberta

See the video here

Read the full press release here

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